Success Stories

Mohamed Abd El-Rehim

Mohamed Abd El-Rehim was cured in Aswan Heart Centre .


Mr Abdallah Mohamed

Mr Abdallah Mohamed has been cured in Aswan Heart Centre .


Mr Atta El Sayed

Mr Atta El Sayed has been cured in Aswan Heart Centre .


Aliaa Aly

Mr Aly Abelrahmam, Aliaa Aly's father that has been cured in Aswan Heart Centre .


How To Donate

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Magdi Yacoub heart Foundation depends upon the financial generosity of individuals and institutions to carry out its mission and fulfill its objectives. You can choose to donate by either of the following mean

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Patient Addmission Requirements

Send reports via Postal / post office express mail to: Aswan Heart Centre (Dr. Magdi Yacoub) Kasr al-Hajar Street, Aswan City Aswan Governorate


A copy of a recent ultrasound report and a heart catheterization report if found or any report related to heart disease.


A copy of your ID and for children a copy of the birth certificate


Mobile number

Wait For Our Reply Wthin 2 To 3 Weeks