magdi yacoub heart foundation

The Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation (MYF) – an Egyptian registered charity NGO – was founded in 2008 by Sir Magdi Yacoub, the late Dr. Ahmed Zewail and Ambassador Mohamed Shaker. MYF is running one of the exceptional projects of enormous significance to the health and wellbeing of the Egyptian people that is entirely based on donations, the Aswan Heart Centre. The MYF is the body responsible for strategic management and administration of the Aswan Heart Centre and Aswan Heart Research Centre. MYF is managed by one of the most reputable Board of Trustees in Egypt.



The Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation has embarked on a truly exceptional project that is of enormous significance to the health and well-being of the people throughout Egypt and beyond.

Our core objective was represented in establishing, along the banks of the river Nile in Aswan- Upper Egypt, a centre of excellence and international standing thus, providing hope, improving life chances and serving the children, young people and adults in the whole region.

In line with this vision, the Aswan Heart Centre offers an exciting new development in cardiovascular surgery, treatment and research seeking to transfer knowledge, skills and experience across the region and help create a biomedical and innovation knowledge base which can be exported to the world at large.

Since its establishment in the year 2008, MYF has committed to build and maintain a state-of-the-art medical facility in the city of Aswan, Egypt. Which aims primarily to provide free medical services as well as giving due attention to advanced training programs for personnel while focusing on a wide variety of research opportunities.




Offering Free of Charge state-of-the-art medical services to the Egyptian people, particularly the underprivileged and vulnerable age-groups.


Training a generation of young Egyptian doctors, nurses and scientists at the highest international standards.


Advancing basic science and applied research as an integral component of the program and promoting biomedical research in Egypt.

message from the founder

professor sir magdi yacoub

The year 2017 has witnessed considerable progress in the integrated clinical, training and Research programmes. This was exemplified by an increase in the number, diversity, complexity and novelty of many of the procedures being applied at the Centre. These procedures included new approaches to dealing with completely blocked coronary arteries, percutaneous valve procedures, advanced Heart Failure, Heart Attacks, neglected complex congenital Heart Disease, Rheumatic Heart Disease and others.

Apart from its obvious value for the local and global community, these services provide a unique resource for teaching and Research, with many of these advances being reported in international meetings and peer review Journals as detailed in the recent report to the Scientific Advisory Board (available on demand from the MYF). This report includes disease-based Research projects, population studies and importantly basic science and bioengineering Projects emanating from the basic science platforms available in AHC.

In conclusion, the expanded activities of the AHC this year has helped to enhance the sense of commitment and excitement of the entire staff in preparation for the New Global Aswan Heart Centre, considered by many to be the ultimate step towards achieving “Excellence”.

meet our

board of trustees

Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub, FRS, OM

Honorary President

Professor Magdy Ishak, FRCS, CCIM, FRSM

Vice Chairman and Acting CEO

Mr. Tawfik S. Diab

Board Member

Dr. Akef El-Maghraby

Board Member